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 Most women rely on supplements to lose weight, even though this method can cause side effects. Eating certain fruits can help you lose weight naturally.

Basically, fruit has become an important food intake for weight loss thanks to the role of its natural fiber content. High fiber content in the fruit makes a person feel full longer and is not hungry quickly after consuming it. Thanks to this effect, it is not surprising that many people choose to eat fruit to lose weight.

Various Fruits to Lose Weight

Besides containing fiber, fruit is known to be rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The content of fat and calories in fruit is fairly low. So it’s not wrong, various kinds of fruit can be an alternative to lose weight. Here are various fruits to lose weight.


Grapefruit is one of the fruit choices for weight loss. Eating grapefruit before eating for a period of one week can help the weight loss process around 0.5 kg. Water content of up to 90 percent in the fruit is what makes the stomach become fuller so that the desire to eat other foods becomes less after consuming it.


The content of pectin in apples can slow digestion so you feel full longer. To maximize appetite suppression, it is recommended to eat apples that have not been processed into apple juice or in other forms. The benefits of eating apples and their skin is also a way to get the various benefits of nutrients contained in apple skin.


Based on a study, someone who consumed avocados and used them regularly will experience weight loss and also have a smaller waist circumference. Other studies suggest that women who consume half an avocado during the day tend to continue to feel full so that they reduce cravings. This is because, the avocado’s oleic acid content can make the stomach feel full after consuming it.


Oranges are one of the fruits that have low calorie content, which is around 59 calories. Besides being low in calories, oranges are rich in fiber. The researchers placed oranges at the highest of the 38 list of filling foods thanks to their high fiber content.


This one fruit is known to be able to fight the effects of premature aging and free radicals. From a cup of blueberries, there are about 80 calories and 4 grams of fiber to make your stomach full. Basically, the benefits of eating blueberries will have a good impact on your weight.


A study shows, women who consume three pears every day tend to consume fewer calories so they lose more weight than those who do not eat them. When eating pears, you are advised to consume them together with the skin, similar to how to eat apples, so that the fiber content of the skin is not wasted. Basically, eating a pear can provide 15 percent of the recommended daily fiber requirements.


High fiber contained in bananas can help you lose weight because it can make you feel full longer. Eating two medium-sized bananas contains about 6 grams of fiber and this is enough to cover around 23 percent of the recommended daily fiber requirements. In general, the benefits of eating bananas can be a companion fruit in meeting the body’s fiber needs.

Balance with a Healthy Lifestyle

Although eating fruit can be a way to lose weight, it does not mean you will immediately get the ideal body weight. Because the weight that is owned is a reflection of the number of calories consumed. Plus, food that enters the body must still meet the body’s need for daily nutrition.

Avoid foods that contain high calories by replacing it with eating plant foods, vegetables, various grains, and nuts. Don’t forget, you also have to balance it with regular exercise so that a weight loss program can run successfully.

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